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Happy Time Day Care Center is a unique non-profit early childhood program located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Our location brings us close to a beautiful park that provides endless hours of open-ended play and exploration.

Our primary focus is to balance the needs and rights of children, parents and teachers. We work together to develop a culture that supports each child's unique learning style and to support and guide a child with life skills to be successful now and in the future.

Our dynamic environment is rich in resources for children to engage in to stimulate thinking, reasoning and problem solving. The arrangement of the classrooms encourages social interaction and also supports the need for time alone. Every toy and tool is carefully thought out and placed to make every playtime meaningful while preparing children for school.

Our curriculum is designed to guide children through the learning process. The emphasis on teaching children “how” to learn will last them a lifetime.
Day Care Center — Infant Day Care in Duluth MN
Day Care Center Room 2 — Infant Day Care in Duluth MN

Our Story

Happy Time Day Care Center began its journey in 1969. The road has been long, hard and steady. There was a great need for child care in the community because many women began to work outside of the home. Delores Anderson, founder of Happy Time Day Care Center, decided to open a "day care center" in November 1969. Delores, a pioneer in early childhood education, worked countless hours to make Happy Time Day Care Center the best it could be.

In January 1986, Nancy Thomas, Delores's daughter joined Happy Time Day Care Center as a teacher. She worked in the classroom for 10 years and has been the director since 1995.

Our philosophy is very simple. We are an education based on relationships. Our focus is to provide a balanced approach to children, parents, teachers and community. By doing so, we become stronger as a community. Children go to school with skills to be successful. Parent have peace of mind knowing their child is educated and safe. The staff have support and supplies to create dynamic environments for children to explore, discover and learn. When all of this is in place, the community prospers.

This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider