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Preschool Program in Duluth, Minnesota

Welcome to the Preschool Program.

Happy Time Day Care Center's preschool program is a multi age classroom that promotes community and stewardship. The classroom is arranged into learning centers that promotes learning, social interaction, problem solving, and supports the diverse learners in the classroom.

We believe children must be invested and engaged in the learning process. We value and celebrate the individual differences and provide a wide variety of experiences. Our kindergarten ready curriculum focuses on all the domains with special consideration in the social emotional development in children. Children experience group activities, partner activities and individual activities as well as play. The teachers offer just enough guidance and support to help a child move forward in their learning. The process of how to learn, to be socially connected, and filled with confidence is of utmost importance.
Little Girls Playing — Social Interaction in Duluth MN
Little Girls  — Social Interaction in Duluth MN

A Balanced Approach To Learning

Little Boys — Social Interaction in Duluth MN
Teachers at Happy Time Day Care Center must value learning as much as teaching. The teachers are proactive and engaged with the children. They intentionally plan the learning centers with precise tools and toys to engage and encourage the children to learn. A balanced approach to learning and a consistent routine provides children a sense of security and trust. A goal for every child is to move from survives to thrive!

This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider